Why Are Gaming Computers EXPENSIVE??

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To answer, gaming PCs are more expensive than consoles, to begin with, yet they are cheaper over the length of their lifetime.

Consoles are produced on the size of many thousands, with robots computerizing a significant part of the work. They have not many variants, with the lone differentiator between models ordinarily being the storage capacity or game bundle. The CPU and GPU are joined into a single part, and there is only one bunch of shared RAM. 

This results in smooth manufacturing. Game consoles are also assembled with cheaper parts, nor do they need to spend extra on metal since they're generally made of plastic on the outside. Moreover, the Xbox and PS4 utilize hard drives instead of SSDs which drives costs down for storage impressively. Moreover, the item just moves from the manufacturer to the retailer before you can get it, with possibly a wholesaler in the middle, however, most retailers like Amazon and Best Buy will get their stockpiles straightforwardly from Sony or Microsoft.

In comparison, PCs are more complex in both development and assembling. While CPUs are manufactured on the scale of thousands, the CPU manufacturer is just answerable for that one part. There are several brands that produce GPUs, motherboards, RAM, SSDs and Hard Drives, Power Supplies, cases and different parts like fans and RGB lights which are all responsible for their own components. Organizations like Bitspace need to obtain all the various parts separately. This is helped by merchants keeping a supply of these parts, yet this adds extra expense as there are more companies in the middle that need to make a profit. Building a PC is manual labor, requiring humans instead of machines to assemble PCs, which additionally adds to the expense. Then there is installing Windows and stress testing the PCs to ensure quality performance

Gaming PCs have an advantage over consoles in terms of execution and quality. The CPU and GPU on a gaming pc are usually 3x the power of a gaming console, if not more. This lets Gaming PCs push out God level graphics, better resolutions, and higher FPS. The case itself will be made of tempered glass and steel or aluminium, which looks and feels more hearty and robust. This is not quite the same as standard pre-built pcs, which are generally made of plastic cases and cheap CPUs and GPUs. Gaming PCs can be accessorized with RGB lights and custom designs or engraving options offered by organizations like Bitspace, which can add personality to your PC.

A Gaming PC from Bitspace is significantly more powerful than a Console as well as much more customizable, however, that power and freedom come at the expense of assembling and distribution. Simply put, Bitspace doesn't sell as many PCs as Sony sells consoles, but Bitspace guarantees that every PC is given extreme care and attention when building them

Gaming Consoles Subsidize Their Costs with Game Sales


Anyone with a gaming PC can buy games from various commercial centers. There is Steam, Uplay, Epic Games and Origin just as the affiliates like Humble Bundle and GOG. Since there is such a lot of competition in this space, there are various sales on game titles throughout the year to get more gamers to purchase games from them. This lets gamers buy with more freedom and comfort than what consoles offer. On top of this, you have fewer expenses for online play - basically just your internet. On consoles, you actually need to pay for the internet but you may need to pay fees for the privilege of playing on the web. Discounts are not as abundant as they are on PC.

Consoles are sold at an acceptable profit. While this appears to be cross-eyed, there are just two ways to purchase games for a console, from their digital commercial centre or purchase a game CD from a retailer like eBay and Amazon. For each game deal, Sony and Microsoft take a percentage of it as an authorizing fee to permit the game to be played on their respective console. 

Since gaming PCs have a particularly open market, organizations like Bitspace need to procure all the benefits, work expenses, and marketing from the actual PC, while gaming consoles will bring in cash constantly as you purchase an ever-increasing number of games. 

Next, (and the most awaited)

Benefits of PC Gaming Over Console


FIRST, your game library - on console, there is no assurance that your old games will work on the latest console. On PC, you will keep your game library and if you plan to upgrade your pc, your games can still run on it. And we present you the ‘Emulator’, on which you can play mobile games like PUBG mobile or play console games like Breath of the Wild using a Wii U emulator. If any of your games actually stop running on your new operating system, you can simply install a second OS(operating system) on your pc running that old OS specifically for your game. There are numerous alternatives and you can do nearly anything to guarantee that  your old games are still playable so you don’t have to re-buy them.


SECOND, Computers, and likewise gaming PCs, can be utilized for nearly anything. They can watch films, program sites, write archives, compose music and play computer games. For students purchasing a gaming PC is a smart thought as you can do your assignments and study during the day, and game the night away whenever you're done. Gaming PCs are likewise the decision of numerous photograph and video editors since they are so ground-breaking. Without a great deal of clever hacking and modding, it's practically impossible to try and get an alternate OS onto a console. Perhaps you like controllers better than mouse and console? Gaming PCs can undoubtedly attach to pretty much every latest controller: Xbox One controllers, Playstation Dualshock controllers, and Nintendo Switch joy-cons. Best of luck attempting to play with a mouse and console on a console, as most games don't support that feature.

THIRD, Gaming PCs effectively clear the field regarding customization even with the special edition game consoles. There are various PC cases and models of PCs that you can purchase. You can further customize them to have RGB fans or cables. Possibly you're looking for the extraordinary, so you can choose custom water-cooling to make your PC stand out looking all smart. Want for a better GPU? swap out the cards. Need more extra storage? Simply add another hard drive. Every Bitspace PC comes with a lifetime service warranty, that is if you want to upgrade your PC just pay for the parts, Bitspace will handle the rest.

Benefits of Buying a PC from Bitspace rather than Building Yourself

Ready to switch over to the universe of PC gaming? All things considered, definitely look into Bitspace PCs and the various range of PCs that can suit practically any budget. While it very well may be marginally less expensive to assemble it yourself, Bitspace's awesome support and warranty are here to help if you ever run into any issues with your Bitspace Gaming PC. Purchasing from Bitspace promises you an astounding gaming PC and in addition the knowledge and mastery of the whole staff. 

Well then what are you waiting for? Get your gaming PC today and join the PCMR.

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