Our Process

Source & Build

Our expert team handpicks components for all the respective builds. The verification is done manually with utmost accuracy. Each component we choose is best in that class granting substantial lifespan and maximum performance. We do no cut any corners so that you may get the best possible experience.

Configure & Test

After all the components are put together, we fine tune the system. We install our own edition of the operating system which is totally bloatware free and tweaked with gaming and performance in mind. We then run benchmarks and do a 72 hour stress test to ensure the system is up to our mark.


Each system that leaves our base is checked multiple times to ensure our quality standard. All PCs ship with XMP enabled, Nvidia GeForce Experience pre-installed, Windows 10 optimized, high-performance power settings, and all drivers installed. 
The only thing left, is to enjoy the System.

» CPU Stress Tested Using AIDA64
» Benchmarked Using Cinebench R20
» 3D Mark, Port Royal and Timespy
» Voltage Regulations
» Thermal Thresholds

Quality Checks
» XMP + OS Setup Bloatware Free
» GeForce Experience Installed and Drivers
» Power Settings + Partitions Verified
» Accessory Verification

Building Your Own PC

» While assembling your own PC can be a great learning experience, many people jump into it without realizing what they are getting into & regret later.

• We have listed down the PROS & CONS for you to make an informed decision. 



Learning Experience
Lots Of Research Is Needed To Select The Components
Interaction With The PC Building Community
Time Consuming- Can Take Weeks To Source Parts & Complete A Build
A Sense Of Achievement When It Is Complete
Lots Of Chances For Things To Go Wrong
Unforeseen Problems Such As Dead On Arrival Parts
Individual Parts May Turn Out To Be Incompatible
No Support, Complete Warranty Or Professional Advice