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Our Philosophy
"Complexity Is Impressive, But Simplicity Is Genius"
W3 R 1337

Humans Involved

founder of Bitspace Nachiket


Nachiket ~ Astronac

The core person behind handling almost everything from Research to Execution. With over a decade in the trade his technical expertise and knack for technology is exponential. Got his first PC when he was 9 and started fiddling around immediately, playing games and setting up things for the past 20 years...and counting.


Over 30,000 Hours Of Games

I play on Steam, Origin, Uplay, GoG, Battlenet & Offline. I play all kinds of games bar none, period. In total across all different platforms I've played more than 1,000 different games counting over 30,000 hours.
Lots untracked.

Steam Profile

Creative & PR

Person X

The Creative seed at Bitspace who turns Ideas to Art, and the one who replies to your every comment on Social Media. Has approximate knowledge of many things, but excels at ideation and brainstorming over intricate and critical matters. Many of the awesome Custom PC Designs are her brainchild.

sanjay accounts logistics wizard of bitspace

Accounts & Logistics

Sanjay ~ Earl of Lemongrab

The elder wizard of Bitspace. Takes care of accounts and other stuff. Has interest in basically everything. Very very meticulous. Sharp eye for complex matters hence is never content with things created by mere mortals.
"This castle is in unacceptable condition! Unacceptable!"
He is happy when he is unhappy. 

The person who responsible for Repairing Gaming PCs , PC repairs and Laptop repairs near you

Chip Expert

Satish ~ Semiconductor Bender

Our resident chip level expert and aptly named silicon semiconductor bender. Has over a decade of experience in fixing any and everything that basically has a chip inside it. His knowledge is at legendary levels when it comes to computer electricals and his magic has never let us down.

Roshan's Photo


Roshan ~ rosho_mon_13

The Kalakaar.
An artist by passion and just loves to explore anything that involves art. Knows his stuff well. keeps things out of the box yet trendy, simple and sophisticated.
Plays relaxing titles...& relaxation is subjective, so hunts virtual wild animals in far cry series and plays other blood thirsty, adrenaline rushed rampage filled games. Peace.

Amit Patel's Photo


Amit ~ iAlegorist

Knows All, Sees All, ...Judges All.
Helps Bitspace with insightful knowledge and crucial info about complex underlying things.
Plays Shooters. Portal, Half-Life, Bioshock and Doom are all time favs.

Bitspace's Mascot BIT's Gif levitating and waving at you


The Almighty Omnipresent

Hi, I am Bit and this whole thing is my space. I am Omnipresent & take special care of systems made by Bitspace. I do have special powers to craft exquisite things. Codes are a puzzle. A game, just like any other game.
Huge Alan Watts & Alan Turing Fan. "One day ladies will take their computers for walks in the park and tell each other, 'My little computer said such a funny thing this morning". — Alan Turing

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing."
- George Bernard Shaw