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frequently asked questions

• Where do you ship to?
We ship within Navi Mumbai only as of now coz of service constraints. We want to maintain quality and serve the people within the reach of our dedicated team.
• How long will it take to get my PC delivered after my order is placed?
7-10 Business days. All Systems are Master-Hand-Crafted, all checks are done. The time period also includes stress testing and other quality checks to fulfill our parameters. 
• My system is in warranty how long will it take to fix the issue?
We always try to resolve issues as early as possible. Standard time is 7-10 business days. Bitspace provides direct warranty to the customer, the respective service center of the brand/company that adds time to the process. 
• Can I get EMI? What do I need to do for that?
Yes, You can select Razorpay at checkout and opt for EMI. EMI terms & conditions are subject to the finance provider.
• Do you offer any discounts?
Bitspace products are always discounted for the whole package that you get. Additionally you get a 2% cashback if you pay via UPI or If you make in-store booking & pickup.
• Do you provide an upgrade service?
Yes, but to very limited systems, if the system is too old we do not advice upgrading as it becomes unreliable in the longer run. Consultation is free.
• What care do I need to take to maintain good health of my system?
Always keep your PC/Laptop clean and cool. Avoid dust, casually clean off dust with a blower/vacuum. Monitor the temperatures, a cool pc is a happy pc. Always check if there are any unwanted apps installed and remove them. Keep system malware free. Have good grounded electrical power points.
• Can I buy just components from you and build my system?
No. Only under special conditions defined by the management. We deal in pre-built systems only, simple coz it is quicker, better quality, better life, better performance & better in every single aspect. We do not compromise with quality, coz cheaper is more expensive in the long run. Ref #homepage
• Can you build a custom PC as per my configuration? A bespoke PC?
Yes, we will. But it needs to be "bespoke", like a bespoke suit, only top of the line. Coz the current standard of bespoke is our norm. /drops mic
• What about after sales service?
Bitspace offers lifetime technical support and one year direct warranty. After one year of Bitspace warranty, the customer has to claim warranty from the respective manufacturers service center. We provide assistance and warranty extensions as well.
• My system is out of warranty will I still get any support?
Yes. Always. Just get in touch with us.
• Will I Have to drop my system to your place if it fails during the warranty period?
We will pick up the system if it is in our serviceable area or we can arrange for a pick up from your place. All transportation is covered under warranty.
• What are your Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy?
Please refer, T&C and Warranty Policy.
• Will I get a GST Invoice?
Yes, We Provide GST Invoice.
• Do your systems come with genuine OS?
Yes, All our systems are equipped with genuine OS and basic applications.
• Can I get online software support if any issue develops?
Yes, Sure. Feel free to get in touch all 7 days 10:30-20:00 hours.
• For How long I can get extended warranty? and what will be the charges?
Extended warranty is an extension of the Standard Bitspace warranty which is for 1 year. Extended warranty is limited with an extension 2 years, granting 3 years of total warranty. Charges for warranty extension for 1st and 2nd year are variable with respect to the underlying product.
• Do you offer buy back/exchange on old stuff?
No, we do not deal in old or refurbished stuff.
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