BitspaceOS Gaming PC

What is BitspaceOS?

BitspaceOS is a version of Windows which comes pre-tweaked with optimizations for improved FPS & latency. This is a bloatware free performance enhanced OS, which avoids useless apps taking up your CPU power so you can get the maximum output in all applications & games! Utilize your hardware in the most efficient manner since you are paying for it either ways. Get full value for your money.

  •  BitspaceOS Gaming PC having Anti-Bloatware

    Bloatware Free

    No longer will you have annoying programs that come preinstalled on your pc that you never use and instead end up eating precious system resources also throttling the system in various things, more importantly giving better output in the things that You want to do. We want you to have a clean experience, As they say 'cleanliness is next to godliness'.

  •  Gaming PC giving More FPS & Less Latency

    More FPS & Less Latency

    Get the best possible performance from your PC as we eliminate annoying background tasks and services hindering performance. If you have noticed, stock OS is not really ideal most of the time coz of these background irritants. Moreover framerate stability is improved so you have to worry less about framerate fluctuation now.

  • Bitspace Gaming PC OS Being Private & Secure

    Private & Secure

    It's common knowledge big companies love to spy on you, but we take privacy seriously. We have disabled a ton of tracking & data collection modules so you are less vulnerable online and offline. Stopping these services gives a bonus in performance as well.

  • Stability of BitspaceOS Gaming PCs


    All the critical modifications to the OS unlock unique options for increasing the overall stability significantly & we take full advantage of it as stability is always top priority. Working on numerous telemetry components, reinforcing existing services and enhancing to our hearts content.

Gaming PC Software

Few Attributes

› Disable UAC
› Optimized Telemetry
› Optimized Action Center
› Removed One Drive
› Optimized Focus Assist
› Lite Remote Desktop
› Efficient Winre
› Secured WinSxS
› Optimized Pagefile
› Low Scheduler Footprint
› Privacy Optimizations
› Optimal Power Settings
› Minimal Idle Services
› Explorer Tweaks
› Explorer registry tweaks
› Standard Defender
› Network Load Balancing
› Bloat Free Store
› Smoother Updates
› Memory Optimization

  • This is a refined version of the official edition of Microsoft's Windows, We do not condone the use or supply pirated/non genuine copy of Windows Software. By using our custom OS, you agree to Microsoft’s Terms of Service with respect to (5.) Authorized Software and Activation. We provide genuine Microsoft key preinstalled in all our systems so Windows is officially activated.