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What does Independence or Freedom really mean? I was curious about Independence day celebrations and Republic day celebrations and the difference between the above two concepts in my childhood. As I grew up and came to know the intrinsic meaning of independence or freedom, Republic day superseded Independence day!
Taking a historical holistic view of past India would be interesting. Anatomically modern humans are said to have arrived in the Indian subcontinent from modern Africa around 80 thousand years ago, settled down around 10 thousand years ago by developing farming, and gradually evolved Indus Valley Civilization which was contemporaneous with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. This happened alike on all over the earth with little difference... In this period no concept of state or nation was in the human mind, it was conceptualized only in the early Medieval period. On settling down, the human mind was naturally attracted to learning, settled mind further developed into cultures, faiths, values, and technology for his comfort. During the long period from the Paleolithic era till date, nomadic humans created from clans to chieftaincies to autocracies to the modern concept of political Nation with democracies. The political liberty of human settlements does not matter for me, it's just a matter of administrative convenience. In the future all counties may unite creating a single Nation on the Earth when humans will interact with alien species beyond the galaxies, even our milky way galaxy can be a small nation for administrative purposes in the Universe! Today humans are trying hard to break the barrier of the speed of light and travel through the massive black holes in seconds and explore an altogether new world of experience that the human mind can not imagine today. This is the freedom that our mind has achieved !!
In the backdrop of the above facts and humility of mankind, freedom means knowing our responsibilities toward society and nature that includes everything from stones to stars, from the smallest creatures to gigantic one. It means understanding others.

or to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others

Freedom and duties are inseparable. John F. Kennedy’s historic words are “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” Sant Tukaram explained the concept as “ All trees, creatures, and nature are near and dear to us. Sant Dnyaneshwar rightly described freedom as ``With this evil thought evils, the cruelty of cruelty comes to an end (they themselves will get enlightened and abandon their sinful thoughts and acts), they shall get more power and energy to perform pious and righteous acts. All living beings shall become friends for life and live happily and passionately with each other.
So, friends let us serve society and nature, let us enjoy this freedom!
Best wishes from BITSPACE to all on the eve of India’s Independence Day for now!


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