All animals are equal in the eyes of Nature. Amongst all beings, only humans chose a different path of lifestyle called development and progress than other animals. Other animals just live, spend their life in a very simple way. They have no ambitions. If humans do not behave wisely, without using their conscience, then it is bound to be swallowed by the demon created by themselves. The demon of pollution will make our home, our earth, an inhabitable place. Is such development or so-called progress really required at the cost of our life? “Progress” really needs to be redefined. It’s a question to be pondered.
E-waste (Electronic and Electrical gadget Waste) management which is a much and widely discussed topic by the Government, Social or Trade Organizations, thinkers, researchers, and even by common people. We will cover the growth of e-waste, its adverse impacts, the role of the Government, Organizations ,and Individuals.
The composition of e-waste is wide-ranging such as metals used for casings and frames, non-ferrous metals, especially copper used in cables and aluminum, the glass used for screens, windows, the plastic used as casing, in cables, and for circuit boards. Other materials such as rubber, wood, ceramic, etc. We all use from small toys to airplanes, from TV, mobile phones to satellites. The list is very long. These electronic devices get quickly replaced with newer ones.

Growth: Information technology and communication sectors have enhanced the usage of electronic products exponentially. Faster up-gradation of electronic products is forcing consumers to discard old electronic products very quickly, which in turn adds to e-waste to a large extent. Millions and millions of tons of E-waste are created and disposed of irresponsibly, knowingly, or unknowingly by one and all. I will not go by figures. Figures may vary from data collecting agency to agency, and they can't be true, since everything can be not collected and reported. But our day-to-day experience of our home dustbins can not be untrue! They are real mirrors !!

Adverse Impacts: Disposing of e-waste material even in a scientific way releases hazardous substances, it may be solid, liquid, or in gas form, but lesser in quantity. And if it is done randomly or unscientifically or in an uncontrolled manner, the impact becomes much fold which is very very dangerous to the soil, water and air pollution affecting badly the environment of the earth. All living beings are part of the environment. It will boomerang to humans themselves and other animals and plants too who are not responsible for this deadly poison. All flora and fauna will be in jeopardy. Bhopal gas tragedy is an example, many factories are releasing effluents in water and poisonous gases in the air without processing their waste properly as per the guidelines of pollution control boards. Many big factories are live bombs. We all around our cities experience polluted air. Is not true? If yes, my friends, let’s move towards managing e-waste in a better and more scientific way.

The role of the Government, Organizations, and Individuals: The government of India is undoubtedly striving by making legislation. Laws, rules, guidelines are necessary for maintaining discipline. Encouragement and incentives, penalties, and punishment are tools of discipline. The government is doing well and will do, but civilized, cultured citizen contribution is need of the hour. The government has enacted and executed the rules. Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has revised and amended the E-WASTE (MANAGEMENT AND HANDLING) RULES, 2011 in 2018 by introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Policy. This will channelize the entire process of e-waste management. Further developments in the rules will also follow as we will require based on our experience. Constitution-wise Government is taking the necessary steps. Thanks to Government and administration for visionary decisions. Now the role of organizations, social or trading, is more important. Voluntary social organizations play an important role. Voluntary organizations should inculcate the importance of e-waste management among their members and in the society members whom they serve, general awareness should be spread shaping an individual into a good citizen. Government should give guidelines to voluntary organizations. It will certainly help, I am sure.
Now talking about trading individuals or companies, they are doing very well. From a poor needy Kacharawala boy to a big Kabadiwala, the entire chain and process are very nice. They segregate the scrap material, channelize the waste properly and earn a little or a lot for their livelihood. From paper to metals to plastics to glass every reusable, sellable material is separated and sold for further processing. This is a good thing and a self-regulating channel without external force! Now comes the turn of individuals. What individuals are expected to do? Just be reasonably responsible towards society and nature. Do not throw e-waste indiscriminately. Give your e-waste to e-waste management companies. Just Google it, call them, pick up will be at your doorstep if the e-waste is in large quantity or if it is small quantity call Kabadiwala, but never dump it in municipal waste. That’s it.

3Rs Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: This is a popular term in E-waste Management. Try to reduce the use of electronic gadgets if possible, do not buy a new upgraded version if your work does not get affected. Secondly, try to reuse old gadget or give it to needy ones. Next, give e-waste for recycling and proper disposal.

Bitspace is in a trade of dealing in electronic products. We follow the E-waste process responsibly and properly. You can contact us. We are happy to help you.

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