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Preface :  

    At present Silicon is the dominant element and will rule until it's replaced by any other better option. Stone was a very crucial element in the Human’s progress, he made weapons, tools, implements, pots, etc., almost all things of his needs. It ruled for thousands of years. From the Stone age to the current Silicon Age(Information age) the entire journey is very interesting. Silicon is the prime agent/element that helped the outburst of the Information Age. Algo, i.e., the algorithm is a set of rules of mathematics devised by our brilliant brains to control systems scientifically. My intention here is to discuss the possible impacts, repercussions of the duo on Bio, i.e. Life.

Silicon Age (Information Age) : 

    Current is the Silicon Age as we all are aware. We will have a very brief overview of how the Age descended. Because of the abundance of silicon in the Earth's crust, natural silicon-based materials have been used for thousands of years for various purposes. More than 90% of the Earth's crust is composed of silicate minerals, making silicon the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust after oxygen. Most silicon is used commercially without being separated. Silicon is the medium that is used to store data or information. The journey of data capturing devices is very long of thousands of years that is from a crude form of silicon(rock and clay) to a very refined form of silicon semiconductor transistors. Due to continuous efforts by the researchers of the  “Bell Labs” and “Fairchild Semiconductor” around 1950 metal–oxide–semiconductor, MOS transistor which is the key component of the Silicon Age that was developed. It is mainly responsible for the rise of the Silicon Age.  One can not predict how long it will rule, but I am sure it will be replaced in the future. Let us see how long it takes! It seems there are some contenders like Graphene, Gallium Nitride, Perovskites, or else. I would like to be get ruled by the one that is eco-friendly or least damaging to enviros, unlike silicon!

Algo :

    The concept of the algorithm has existed since antiquity. Arithmetic algorithms can be said to have existed since humans started calculating. But systematization was done by many great mathematicians like India’s Aryabhatta and Ramanujan Srinivasa, Greek’s  Eratosthenes, Archimedes, and Euclid,  Arabic mathematician al-Kindi, Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, Newton to name a few. In computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined instructions used to perform a computation. Algorithms are used as specifications for performing calculations, data processing, automated reasoning, automated decision-making, and other given tasks. In a computer system, an algorithm is an instance of logic written in a computer language to be effective for the intended purpose. Lately, the role of algorithms has increased several times in robotics and artificial intelligence technology in the backdrop of day by day increasing need for automation. Better the well-devised input algo better for the desired output. Recently Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gathered momentum for many reasons, AI applications include e.g., Google, YouTube, Amazon and Netflix, Tesla, and many others. This academic discipline is based on three principles of learning, reasoning, and problem-solving like any animal behaviour. AI researchers, scientists, and developers want and expect animal instinct with Alladin’s Genie together in a single system, master and all -wish accomplishing slave in a single body!!  AI’s algo is fixed by its composer and at the same time, he expects the AI system to be free from the set algo which is logically not possible, it is self-contradictory! So-called self-learning is also guided by some algo or set rules of mathematics. It can not go against the Law of physics of cause and sequence. Algo can be said to be the cause while the output work is the consequence. Sir Issac Newton has expressed something like this if God is there and he has created the universe then he must be a great mathematician. Galileo Galilei has said, “Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe”. To me, each galaxy is always in a superposition, Algo of the universe is well set!


    The literal meaning of bio is life, that is, life on the Earth. For the topic, I am restricting myself to the good, healthy, and smiling life of human beings along with all the beings on the mother planet,  which is the blog's main purpose. 
Bio,i.e., the life that will be affected by unprecedented technological changes and the spread of devices created by the joint venture of Silicon and Algo(substance and software)! We, humans, are different from other animals, we feed not only on food but our needs are more than this. We are ruling on the planet for thousands of years due to our special traits such as overcoming difficulties and making our life more comfortable, developing technology and carving a sustainable cultured society. Development is required, tools created by technology are most welcome, better the tools faster the development of human society, no doubt. But it should not happen at the cost of human life and the natural ecosystem. Any technology created for assistance and development should not become a curse. Human-animal is rational. We have the power of reasoning, we can decide between right and wrong,i.e., we have a conscience. This is the only trait that makes humans different from other creatures. Knowledge is power and technology is a powerful tool having neutral quality. So, it's quite clear that technology can never be blamed if human life is adversely affected by its own mistakes, it will be only the human that can be held responsible for his extinction(Natural/Accidental extinction not to be taken into account).  We will have to choose between folly and wisdom. The choice is ours!

    The blog is intended for prompting the readers to think far ahead of time and try to save a beautiful human life for a longer period. Here, we are discussing substance, software, and sentience, that is, the substance of silicon, algorithm of math, and the sentience that he has, i.e., the capacity of feelings or sensing which can be termed as bio or life. The central theme of the topic is to discuss the good and bad effects of modern machines and technology on our life. From the Primitive Age to the current Age, human is continuously acquiring skills, getting equipped with various tools ranging from devising languages to  AI.

    Silicon is a natural element. It is used for almost all uses from cement to glass to semiconductor transistors. We use silicon for different purposes in different forms, the process which we use is harming nature and the ecosystem. Pros and cons should be carefully and responsibly discussed. Comprehensive discussion can pave the way for a better option. From about 1960 silicon became more dominant due to its better chemical qualities, abundance, etc. All electronics products we use require silicon transistors. Our daily life can come to standstill in a literal sense if we stop using silicon chips, we will be crippled. “Semiconductor transistors” has brought power, development, and comfort for us. Information(Data) is stored in a silicon chip with the help of an Algorithm that we put to use. Silicon opened a new era for many businesses in the modern world. Undoubtedly silicon has changed our physical life and brought prosperity, thanks to silicon. Now looking at the disadvantages of silicon first and foremost is that toxic substances are produced and are used in the manufacturing process and after-use disposal which harms the ecosystem. It is a matter of concern to all environmentalists and thinkers. Other disadvantages are not very important, so need not be discussed here, which may be irrelevant. Human life/existence will be in jeopardy if we do not ponder over excessive exploitation of natural resources without understanding adverse impacts on Bio or without finding eco-balancing alternatives or systems or arrangements. 

    On this three-pronged topic, we are expected to think in a balanced way, i.e., practically and conscientiously to make life happier. Our social responsibility is to find material or technology for replacing silicon that will be better and more feasible in all ways along with improved algo. Machines and math are created by humans for him only, for his convenience.

    Man can do without machines, but one can not imagine a body without breath, a creature without consciousness. Let the vital force remain there to experience the beauty of Bio. To conclude It would not be out of place if  I remind you of Sir Charles Chaplin's movie “Modern Times” (1936) which is an eye-opener of indiscriminate automatization and beautiful social message of simple life, keep striving and smiling. Instead of leading towards creating a Machine-Centric man or society, a wiser decision would be welcome if we try to establish Bio-Centric technology and a life-oriented universe. I expect this kind of Republic for all the residents of the Universe.  

Wishing all of you a very happy Republic Day from the Bitspace Team.
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